The Bangladesh Trade Portal (BTP) is an official source of all regulatory information relevant to traders who wish to import goods into Bangladesh or export to other countries. The Ministry of Commerce of the Bangladesh Government has established the Portal in order to improve the predictability and transparency of the country’s trading laws and processes.

Customs SRO

Customs SRO FY 2020-21

S.R.O. No. 26-Act / 2020/116 / Customs

S.R.O. No. 180-LAW/ 2020/120 / VAT

S.R.O. No. 179-LAW/ 2020/119 / VAT

FEPD Circular No. 45: Submission of Application for Export subsidy/Cash incentive

137-AIN/2020/88/Customs SRO (New) related to Regulatory Duty

136-AIN/2020/87/Customs SRO (New) related to Bonded-Warehouse-Rules

135-AIN/2020/86/Customs SRO (New) related to Tariff Value and Minimum Value

134-AIN/2020/85/Customs SRO (New) related to BEPZA Other Goods

133-AIN/2020/84/Customs SRO (New) related to CNG Coversion Kit

132-AIN/2020/83/Customs SRO (New) related to Oil Gas

131-AIN/2020/82/Customs SRO (New) related to Compressor Manufacturing

130-AIN/2020/81/Customs SRO (New) related to Ship Machinery Equipment

129-AIN/2020/80/Customs SRO (New) related to Agriculture Machinery

128-AIN/2020/79/Customs SRO (New) related to poulty feed

126-AIN/2020/77/Customs SRO (New) related to LPG Cylinder

127-AIN/2020/78/Customs SRO (New) related to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredidient (API)

125-AIN/2020/76/Customs SRO (New) related to Computer and Computer Accessories

124-AIN/2020/75/Customs SRO (New) related to Fire Fighting

123-AIN/2020/74/Customs SRO (New) related to Cellular Phone

122-AIN/2020/73/Customs SRO (New) related to Capital Machinery

121-AIN/2020/72/Customs SRO (New) related to industrial raw materials

120-AIN/2020/71/Customs Furnace Oil Cancellation Related SRO

156-AIN/2020/117-VAT Cancelation of SRO NO-321-AIN/2019/83/Mushak

155-AIN/2020/116-VAT SRO regarding SD Exemption

154-AIN/2020/115-VAT Amendment of VAT Exemption regarding Mobile Phone Manufacturing

151-AIN/2020/112-VAT Amendment of SRO regarding Advantage Tax

150-AIN/2020/111-VAT Amendment of VAT Exemption SRO regarding Sanitary Napkin and Diaper Manufacturing

149-AIN/2020/110-VAT Instruction of VAT Deduction at Source

148-AIN/2020/109-VAT Amendment of VAT and SD (Fair Market Price) Rules, 2019

147-Act / 2020/108-VAT-SRO regarding fixing of retail price of bidis.

146-AIN/2020/107-VAT-Amendment of Instruction for usage of Biri Banderol

145-AIN/2020/106-VAT -Amendment of Instruction for usage of Cigarette Stamp/Banderol

144-AIN/2020/105-VAT SRO regarding VAT Exemption

143-AIN/2020/104-VAT SRO regarding change of Excise Duty

SROs 142-AIN/2020/103-VAT Amendment of Value Added Tax and Supplementary Duty Tax, 2016

Salient features of the proposed reforms in income tax in the budget 2020-21

List of products on which Special Exception Facility were imposed or withdrawn

VAT abolished (Import Stage) on a few products

VAT imposed (Import Stage) on a few products

Creation of new HS Code

Spliting of the HS Code

Changes in the description of the HS Code

Regulatory Duty Imposed / Decreased

SD Imposed/ Increased/Decreased/Withdrawn for FY 2020/21

Decrease in the Customs Duty for FY 2020/21

Increase in the Customs Duty for FY 2020/21

Exemption of Import duty, VAT, Advance Tax, Advance Income Tax from Dengue Test Kits, Dengue Reagent, Kits for Platelet and Plasma







SRO (amendment) related to RD imposed (amendment)

SRO (amendment) related to Pesticide

SRO (amendment) related to Toy Manufacturers Industries

SRO (New) related to Shoe Manufacturer Industry

SRO (New) related to Compressor Manufacturer Industry

SRO (New) related to Elevator-Lift Manufacturer Industry

SRO (amendment) related to Baggage Rules

SRO (amendment) related to Motor cycle

SRO (amendment) related to Mold

SRO (amendment) related to firefighting Equipment

SRO (amendment) related to Solar Panel Raw materials

SRO (amendment) related to Ref. hospital

SRO (amendment) related to VAT Registered Manufacturers Industries

SRO (amendment) related to Cellular Phone

SRO (amendment) related to Poultry Feed Manufacturers Industries

SRO (amendment) related to Poultry Industries

SRO (amendment) related to Anti Cancer raw materials

SRO (amendment) related to Pharmaceuticals raw materials

SRO (amendment) related to Capital Machinery

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