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The Passenger (Non-Tourist) Baggage (Import) Rules-2012

Type: Rules
Issuing Agency: National Board of Revenue
Responsible Agency: Bangladesh Customs
Issuing Date: 07-06-2012
The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Ministry of Finance
Internal Resource Unite
National Board of Revenue
June 07, 2012
SRO No- 172-law/2012/2400/Customs – Customs Act, 1969 (Act IV of 1969)
For passengers of 12 years old or more, a handbag, cabin bag or luggage weighing not more than 65kg and suitcases having 32’’ length are  dischargeable without VAT or other taxes being payable.
For passengers of less than 12 years old, luggage of not more than 40kg and suitcases having 32’’ length are dischargeable without any VAT or other taxes.
People of foreign nationalities can carry up to 2 bottles or 1 litre of alcohol or related beverage without paying any tax.
Passengers may import or carry his professional instruments without paying any tax. One passenger can carry not more than 100gm of gold jewelries or 200gm of silver jewelries. A passenger can import not more than 200gm gold bar or 200gm silver bar with him/her.
Passengers travelling by road may import baggage worth up to USD 400 without paying taxes. If the passenger is a patient, his/her medicines or other medical instruments may be imported without duties or taxes.
Any Bangladeshi marine official who is travelling from any foreign sea-port may import baggage worth of maximum USD 300 without paying any taxes.
If the passenger is not carrying goods subject to duties or taxes, then s/he may use the green channel of the airport. Passengers  passing through the green channel may face random check by customs officials.
A passenger may import unaccompanied baggage only once in a year. Please see the pdf for further detail and baggage declaration form.

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