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Rules to import Chicken Duck and Egg

Type: Rules
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
Issuing Date: 24-12-2012


Ministry of Commence



Rules to import Chicken Duck and Egg


44) 1 (one) day aged chicken (H, S, heading 01.05) be imported subject to the following conditions, namely:


(A) Necessary certificate shall be issued from authorized officer of the exporting country stating that the chickens are free from any disease.


(B) Certificate shall be issued from World Organization Animal Health stating that the exporting country is free from avian influenza.


(C) During the opening of letters of credit the importer needs to make sure that s/he owns hatchery by submitting the certificate from designated officials.


45) Poultry and Egg-poultry birds and bird eggs (H, S, heading 04.07 and the code number 0407.00.00) poultry and egg trade Ministry of birds can be imported on following conditions, namely: -


(A) Eggs can be imported from the country which are Avian Influenza, Bird Flue-free


(B) For each consignment of egg, exporting countries livestock department / competent authority shall issue the certificate stating that it is free from Avian Influenza or Bird Flue virus.

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