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Transfer of Residence Baggage Rules (Import) 2000

Type: Rules
Issuing Agency: National Board of Revenue (NBR)
Responsible Agency: National Board of Revenue (NBR)
Issuing Date: 04-06-2000


The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Ministry of Finance

National Board of Revenue

Customs and VAT


08 June 2000


Transfer of Residence Bagage Rules (Import) 2000


SRO No. 165 – Law/2000/1846/Customs - In accordance with the Customs Act, 1969 (IV of 1996) Section 219, NBR has enacted following regulations:


1.     Summary heading and application (a) the rules shall be called as Transfer of Residence Bagage Rules (Import) 2000  

2.     This rule will be in applicable for all passengers except those who will be considered for Tourists Baggage (Import) Rules, 1981 Ges Privileged Persons Baggage Rules, 1985


This circular contains various definitons relating to this circular, like baggage, passenger, professinal commodities etc. It outlines the import facility for mutilple categories of passengers carrying multiple catagories of products. The circular contains a list of goods that will enjoy tax-free benefits on fulfillment of due conditions. 

It contains the delcaration form of residence baggage as an annex to th e circular.



With the permission of NBR,

Signed by

Shahnaz Parvin

Secretary (Customs)

Note: Please download the pdf to view the fulll document. 

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