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Tourists Baggage (Import) rules, 1981

Type: Rules
Issuing Agency: National Board of Revenue (NBR)
Responsible Agency: National Board of Revenue (NBR)
Issuing Date: 06-06-1981

Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

National Board of Revenue





Dhaka, 6th June, 1981


No. S.R.O. 201-L/81/652/Cus- In exercise of the powers conferred by section 219 of the Customs Act, 1969 (IV of 1969), read with item 17 of the Third Schedule thereof, and in supersession of S.R.O. No.113-L/81/631Cus., dated the 10th April, 1981, the National Board of Revenue is pleased to make the following rules, namely:-


1.      (1)    These rules may be called the Tourists Baggage (Import) rules, 1981.

         (2)    They shall apply to those passengers who visit Bangladesh for a period of more than twenty four hours but not more than six months and do not get engaged in any gainful or remunerative profession or calling in Bangladesh.

2.        A tourist may import free of duty the following goods on his person or in his baggage, namely:-

(i)          Personal jewellery or imitation jewellery in use, the value of which does not exceed taka three thousand;

(ii)         One Watch in use;

(iii)       One cigarette lighter, two fountain pens, One pen-knife and similar objects for personal use normally carried in the pocket, in the handbag or on the person;

(iv)       One electric smoothening iron, one portable electric hot plate, one hair dryer, one electric shaver,

(v)         One photographic camera;

(vi)       One movie camera;

(vii)      One cinematography camera with projector;

(viii)     One pair of binocular;

(ix)       One portable musical instruments;

(x)         On portable sound recording apparatus;

(xi)       One portable typewriter;

(xii)      One invalid chair in use;

(xiii)     On perambulator or go-cart;

(xiv)     Games and sports requisites in actual use including sporting fire arms;

(xv)      Articles of metal (including medal, trophies or prizes) bestowed upon him as honorary distinction by foreign countries or citizens of foreign countries;

(xvi)     Articles of wearing apparel and clothing accessories;

(xvii)   Handbags and travel goods;

(xviii)  Other articles of personal adornment, toilet requisites;

(xix)     Spectacles and other physical aids and one travailing clock, in use;

(xx)      10 plates or 5 rolls of films for photographic camera;

(xxi)     Reasonable quantity of films for use with movie camera;

(xxii)   2 rolls of films for use with cinematography camera;

(xxiii)  Toys in reasonable quantity if in use of an accompanying child;

(xxiv)  Cartridges in reasonable quantity, if imported along with sporting fire arms;

(xxv)   200 Cigarettes or 50 cigars or ½ pound of manufactured tobacco or an assortment of cigarettes, cigars and manufactured tobacco not exceeding ½ pond in weight;

(xxvi)  [1][Two bottles of spirituous beverages weighing not more than 2 litres;]

(xxvii) Perfumed spirits and toilet waters up to ½ pint;

(xxviii)     Foodstuffs, including confectionery, and non-spirituous beverages  of value not exceeding taka one hundred;

3.        Provided that the items at serial Nos. (i) to (xv) shall be taken out of the country by the tourist at the time of his departure from Bangladesh.

4.      * A tourist coming to Bangladesh with video Canmera (non-professional) and a Micro Computer with maximum I Mega Byte initial random access maamory, the aggregate C & F value of computer being not more than Taka one lac and intends to ret on with the aforesaid video camera and Micro computer, will have the option of clearing the same on an endorsement in his passport and upon furnishing a personal  guarantee to an officer of customs not below the rank of an Assistant Commissioner having jurisdiction.


(Abdul Quayum)

Second Secretary





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