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Jute policy 2014

Type: Rules
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Textiles and Jute
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Textiles and Jute
Issuing Date: 01-01-2015



Ministry of Jute and Textiles


National Jute Policy – 2011


In light of current economic aspects and major opportunities or underlying challenges, the national jute policy has been reviewed and has been considered for some edits/updates to come up with a new draft policy. The policy overall harmonizes across many dimensions factoring in the necessity of some changes in government policies. The draft policy emphasizes on relaxing export conditions on jute and jute related material and, at the same time, introducing regulatory benefits of various forms for jute exporters.


The document contains proposed suggestions, new thoughts regarding the policy enrollment in mounting the jute export in upcoming days. Following table gives a brief highlight on how it got structure originally.


Jute Policy – 2011

Draft Policy – 2014


Golden fiber jute has been playing an important role in socio economic aspect. In the past, most of the export currency was acquired from Jute. Later worldwide availability of a variety of artificial fibers and synthetic and Relatively low prices due to the demand and prices of jute and jute products Decreases. But, due to climate change and adverse environmental global awareness on Jute produciton has been increased. The United Nations has declared the year of 2009 as the "International Year of Natural Fibers".


One of the objectives of Vision 2021 of the present government in 2021 is to develop the economy of Bangladesh to a middle-income country. The contribution of Jute in the economy of Bangladesh has been remarkable. Hence, new opportunities should be curved out to thrive the export of jute again in relation to current challenges we are facing.





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