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Sea Ports in Bangladesh

Chittagong Port Authority

The Chittagong Port (Bengali: চট্টগ্রাম বন্দর) is the main seaport of Bangladesh located on the bank of the Karnaphuli River, and is the core port of countries dependent on the Bay of Bengal. According to Lloyd's, it ranked as the 58th busiest container port in the world in 2019 Located in the Bangladeshi port city of Chittagong and on the banks of the Karnaphuli River, the port of Chittagong handles ninety percent of Bangladesh's export-import trade,  and has been used by India, Nepal and Bhutan to join for transshipment. The port is one of the oldest in the world.

The functions of the authority shall be :-

1. to manage, maintain, improve and develop the port.

2. to provide and maintain adequate and efficient port services and facilities in the Port or the approaches to the Port.

3. to regulate and control berthing and movement of vessels and navigation within the Port;

4. to do such acts and things as may be necessary or convenient to be done

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Mongla Port Authority

Mongla Port is one of the three sea ports of Bangladesh and is the most eco-friendly port. It is situated on the south western part of the country at  the confluence of Possur river and Mongla Nulla approximately 71 Nautical miles upstrem of the bay of bengal. It is located at Lat 21°26.9' N Long 89°34.4' E in the bay of bengal.The Port is well protected by the largest mangrove forest sunderbans, which has been declared as "World Heritage" in 1977 by UNESCO. Since 1950, Chalna Port started  to function as Government Directorate and in may 1977, the directorate was concerted to an autonomous organaization called Chalna Port Authrity. The Chalna Port Authority was again renamed as "Mongla Port Authority" on 8th March 1987.

Mission & Vision


1) To Handle annually 1000 ships by 2021

2) To ensure international standard of service to the port users.

3) To Creat congenial atmosphere for flourishing port base industries.

4) To Modernize the port in the light of the global trade.

5) To creat job opportunities and to provide remarkable financial income to the national exchequer.

6) To open new commercial windows for sustainable economical devlopment.


Mongla Port Provides facilities and services to the international shipping lines and other concerned agencies providing shore based facilities like jetties, godowns, cargo handling equipment and maintaining adequate water deapth in the channel as well as making provision for safe day and night shipping.

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