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Title: Foreign Trade Statistics Of Bangladesh 2019-20

Reponsible Agency: Ministry of Commerce
Issuing Date:

Foreign Trade Statistics (FTS) is an important annual publication of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) which is being published regularly since 1973-74. The publication contains disaggregated data on FTS, which are the end product of a complex process comprising many stages starting from the collection and processing of basic records of compilation. This is the 34th issue of FTS series which bears detailed information on merchandise export and import figures for fiscal year 2019-20 in different dimensions. National Board of Revenue (NBR) is the only source of data that are compiled and used in this report. Following International Customs Organization (ICO) guideline by NBR at the compilation stage, this publication is produced in the light of concepts and definitions used in International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS)-2010. It is the only publication of the country compiled by BBS where trade data both in value and quantity are presented at eight digit level following Harmonized Commodity Description and
Coding System widely known as HS code. 

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