The Bangladesh Trade Portal (BTP) is an official source of all regulatory information relevant to traders who wish to import goods into Bangladesh or export to other countries. The Ministry of Commerce of the Bangladesh Government has established the Portal in order to improve the predictability and transparency of the country’s trading laws and processes.

Office of the chief controller of Imports and Exports

Main functions of the Department of Import and Export Control (CCIE)

This department used to play the role of the regulator in import and export trade. In the context of globalization and changed world trade, the Department is acting as the current supporting partner organization by largely relaxing and simplifying the existing control system. The following is a brief description of the current activities of this department:
Provide direct assistance to the Ministry of Commerce in formulation and publication of import policy orders and their implementation;

1. Issuance of Indenting Certificate in favor of Importers, Exporters and Indentors (Registration) Orders, 1981, suspension/revocation of Registration Certificate for non-regulatory work;
2. Supervision of registration and renewal fee collection and collection and storage of related statistics;
3. Work-related to the preparation of Parliamentary Q&A on import and export
4.  Work-related to import permit/export permit/clearance permit/import permit/export work import permit on return basis;
5.  Work-related to the issuance of permits for international and regional fairs;
6.  Work of Committee on Import Trade Control Schedule (ITC);
7. Resolve issues arising from importers with customs authorities on other issues including disputes over HS code numbers, product classification, or details;
8. Provide any complex explanation that arises regarding the provisions of the import policy order;
9. To provide necessary advice to the Ministry of Commerce on the reform and change of section / sub-section of the existing import policy order in the light of the prevailing economic and trade situation;
10. Implementation of the decisions given by the Ministry of Commerce in the light of any change, addition, an amendment to the Import Policy Order and the import policy order;
11. Analysis of import and export information and notification accordingly;
12. Issuance of foreign and aided projects, import and export registration certificates of foreign and multinational companies, and issuance of permits/permits for import of goods against equity shares by foreign entrepreneurs in favor of such establishments;
13. Examining and receiving, reviewing, and preserving copies of bonds received from various commercial banks accordingly;
Issuance of export permits for personal goods in favor of officials/employees working in foreign embassies / high commissions in Bangladesh on the basis of recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; And
14. Activities related to import expenditure and revenue income statistics etc.

Services provided by the Department of Import and Export Control

  • Commercial Import Registration Certificate (IRC) issued.
  • Issue of Industrial Import Registration Certificate (IRC).
  • Multinational Import Registration Certificate (IRC) issued.
  • Export Registration Certificate (ERC) issued.
  • Export Registration Certificate (Indenting Service) issued.
  • Multinational Export Registration Certificate (ERC) issued.
  • Annual renewal of Commercial Import Registration Certificate
  • Annual renewal of Industrial Import Registration Certificate
  • Annual renewal of multinational import registration certificate
  • Annual renewal of export registration certificate
  • Annual renewal of Export Registration Certificate (Indenting Service)
  • Organization name, address, and change of ownership (for all types of registration certificates)
  • Nominated Bank Change (for all types of registration certificates)
  • Permission to renew all types of registration certificates not exceeding three years
  • Change of import limit / class / limit of import article certificate (decrease / increase)
  • Change of import rights of industrial import article certificate (decrease/increase)
  • In case of participation in the Import Permit (IP) exhibition
  • Import Permit (IP) (in case of unloading of goods seized by the customs authorities)
  • Import Permit (IP) (free sample, advertising, and gift items)
  • Blanket Import Permit (for use in aircraft/helicopters)
  • Import Permit (IP) (in case of release of Equity Capital Machinery)
  • Pre-approval and import permit for import of firearms including ammunition at a military and civilian level
  • Export-cum-Import Permit (for maintenance, repair, refilling, etc.)
  • Pre-import permit
  • Prior permission for import of alcoholic beverages
  • Export Permit
  • Export Permit (for frustrated cargo products)
  • Repatriation Permit (for imports under entropy trade)
  • Export Licensing and Re-export License (In case of return of exported garment industry)
  • Export Permit (in case of export after 10% value-added)
  • Import Permit (for exemption of imported goods on the basis of prior permission)
  • Export License (in case of export after payment through TT)
  • Exemption from IRC acceptance (for import as an actual user)
  • Bank guarantee refund (in case of export-cum-import permit)
  • Extension of shipping deadline (in case of debentures for imported goods)
  • Clearance Permit (for release of seized goods from customs authorities)
  • Permission to return defective goods from among imported goods (in case of garment industry)
  • Extension of all types of permits
  • Import Permits (for Hospital, NGO, and University Goods)
  • Import Permit (in case of gas cylinder/gas tank)
  • Import Permit (in case of live animal)
  • Export Permit (in case of live animal)
  • Export Permit (in case of promotional products)
  • Export Permit (in case of samples of domestic products)
  • Export Permit (in case of indigenous medicine samples)
  • Export Permits
  • Export Permit (for sending gifts)
  • Export Permit (in case of replacement)
  • Export Permit (in case of empty container/cylinder)
  • Import-cum-Export Permit (in case of return of goods)
  • Commodity Import Permit (in case of foreign companies)

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