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Chemical Product Import (Enrollment) Procedure

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Procedure NameChemical Product Import (Enrollment) Procedure




Renewal Frequency of the License 

Five Years

Issuing Agency                                     

Armed Forces Division, Ministry of Defence

Incumbent Office

Bangladesh National Authority for Chemical Weapons Convention (BNACWC)

Armed Forces Division

Dhaka Cantonment, Bangladesh

Tel: +88-02 9834306, 9834350

Mobile: +88-0176-9014306, +88-0176-9014308

Fax : +88-02-9834399

Email :,

Web :

Legal Basis of the Certificate

The Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Act, 2006


Issuance of Chemical Product Import Procedure

Required documents


Required documents



Enrolment Form

Issued by BNACWC


Copy of Treasury Challan

BDT  500



(2 copies, if individual importer)


Nationality Certificate



TIN Certificate



Trade License



VAT Certificate



Import Registration Certificate (IRC)

Issued by CCI&E


Name of the Chemical, Utilization, Purpose and Production Description etc



Company’s infrastructure related declaration



Chamber Certificate



Memorandum Association, Articles of Association and Registration Certificate of the Company

Issued by RJSC


Nationality Certificate of the Owners of the company including their photos



Process Steps

Step 1

Applicant applies to the BNACWC with required documents

Step 2

BNACWC send the application form and documents to the internal Review Committee within 7 days of application submission

Step 3

Review Committee checks the documents and evaluate the application

Step 4

Review Committee verifies the documents and communicate to other government agencies

Step 5

Review Committee inspects the establishment (if needed)

Step 6

Review Committee submits complete report to the National Authority within 15 days

Step 7

BNACWC critically reviews the Report if it’s positive then they proceed for certificate issuance

Step 6

BNACWC issues Enrollment Certificate within 21 days

Step 8

Applicant collects Certificate and submits to the Customs Office with other documents

Step 9

Applicant discharges goods


Approximate Processing Time for issuing the allotment: 60 Days

Process Map



The following form/s are used in this procedure
TitleDescriptionCreated DateUpdated DateIssued By
Chemical Product Enrollment Application Form is used to get enrolled with the Bangladesh National Authority for Chemical Weapons Convention (BNACWC). Please click the PDF mark to view or download the form in English.02-12-201509-10-2017Bangladesh National Authority for Chemical Weapons Convention (BNACWC)This is Dowload File
This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Technical Standard Certificate required to import Chlorosoman: O-Pinacolyl methylphosphonochloridateMandatory Technical StandardBangladesh National Authority for Chemical Weapons Convention (BNACWC)Chlorosoman: O-Pinacolyl methylphosphonochloridateTechnical Standard Certificate required to import Chlorosoman: O-Pinacolyl methylphosphonochloridateImport Policy Order 2015-1830-06-2018Good