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Prohibition to import Certain Goods

NameProhibition to import Certain Goods
DescriptionThe following goods shall not be importable (under Annex 1 of Import Policy Order 2012-2015): (1) Maps, charts and geographical globes which do not indicate the territory of Bangladesh in accordance with the maps published by the Department of Survey, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh; (2) Horror comics, obscene and subversive literature including such pamphlets, posters, newspapers, periodicals, photographs, films, gramophone records and audio and video cassette tapes etc; (3) Books, newspapers, periodicals, documents and other papers, posters photographs, films, gramophone records, audio and video cassettes, tapes etc. containing matters likely to outrange the religious feelings and beliefs of any class of the citizens of Bangladesh; (4) Unless otherwise specified in this order, goods of secondary or sub-standard quality or below –standard or old, used, reconditioned goods or factory rejects and goods of job-lot/stock-lot; (5) Reconditioned office equipment, photocopier, type-writer machine, telex, phone, and fax, old computer, old computer accessories, old electronic items; (6) Goods (including their containers) bearing any words or inscriptions of a religious connotation the use or disposal of which may injure the religious feelings and beliefs of any class of the citizens of Bangladesh; (7) Goods (including their containers) bearing any obscene picture, writing inscription or visible representation; (8) Import of live Swine and any item prepared from swine; (9) All kinds of industrial sludge and fertilizer & any other products produced from sludge; and (10) Unless or otherwise specified in this order, all kinds of waste;
CommentsProhibition to Certain Import Goods
Validity From15-02-2016
Validity To30-06-2018
Technical Code
AgencyBangladesh Standards And Testing Institution(BSTI)
Created Date2015-08-11 12:37:48
Updated Date2018-03-31 01:26:24
Measure TypeProhibition
Legal/RegulationImport Policy Order 2015-18
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