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New Import Policy Order: 2015-18 has been issued (Feb 23, 2016)

Updated on : 11-03-2016

New Import Policy Order: 2015-18 has been issued (Feb 23, 2016)

Government has issued new import policy order taking into considerations of easy import of raw materials of export oriented businesses. Ministry of commerce has issued this three year import policy order 2015-18 on 15 February.

The previous import policy order expired on 30 June of 2015. In relation to that the new policy order should have been effective from July 1, 2015 onwards. But for more than a decade, it has become a trend that the previous order remains effective in field till the issuance of the new one.

What's new in this policy order? Being asked Senior Secretary Hedayetullah Al Mamun said on Monday, "The import of raw materials for export-oriented industries have been preferred. Relaxation in this case has been brought. Growth of potential local industries have been considered also."

Prior to issuing this policy order 54 meetings were held with businessman, several chambers and associations.

According to the new import policy, import of all kinds of products, product packaging, containers or container on the source country (country of origin) must be clearly specified. Ship unloading goods from the source of the country's government or the relevant organization certificate must be submitted to the customs authorities.

Testing of nuclear radiation is mandatory for milk, dairy, edible oil, vegetable seeds and cereal products. In this case, the certificate must be submitted to the customs authorities.

According to the new import policy order, ships, oil tankers and fishing trawlers of more than 25 years old cannot be imported.

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