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National Logistic Policy-2024; Bangladesh.

Updated on : 05-05-2024

National Logistic Policy-2024; Bangladesh.

The National Logistic Policy got the final approval in Bangladesh to expedite economic progress through building world class technology-based, time consuming, efficient and environment-friendly logistics system. The logistic sector plays an important role in maintaining export capability at the global trade, achieving competitive capability of increased prices of products and reducing transport time and maintaining supply discipline.

Appendixes have been incorporated in the national Logistics Policy. The appendixes include important definitions related to logistics sector, list of relevant and important policy of the logistic sector, detailed reformation proposal of logistic sector, institutional capacity, lack of skill demand of manpower in the logistic sector, potential investment in logistic sub-sector, research-based recommendations for the development of the logistic sector and work plan has been incorporated in the national logistic policy 2024.

The most important activities for implementation of the National Logistic Policy-2024 are building multidimensional logistic hub, economic zone, international economic corridors, airports, river ports, sea ports and land ports. The national Logistic Policy-2024 also included introducing environment friendly transport, development of technology-based logistic system and introducing modern cargo services at all domestic and international airports.

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